Our Philosophy

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Our Philosophy

Introduction to the Foundation

The Foundation designs and implements various anti-drug awareness activities based on the principle “educate and unite against drugs.” We are hopeful that this concept will blossom everywhere. At the same time, through community-based cooperation, we can fill the gaps where the government is ill equipped; thereby making the total drug education and mitigation network far more effective. With the promotion of advocacy activities the target audience is extended from youth to the general public while business aims are evolve from initial prevention education to reduction of recidivism. It is the Foundation’s belief and goal that through the promotion of domestic policies and practices of diversified treatments, we can rehabilitate drug addicts and then re-integrate them into society.

Preventive Education

Educate and Unite Against Drugs

Education is the first step in defending against drug abuse because understanding abuse and addiction and the associated individual and societal problems is one of the best methods of preventing the problem before it materializes. In order to educate the public and equip them with strategies to reject drugs, the Foundation actively promotes various anti-drug related activities throughout Taiwan, hoping that through the development of innovative diversified anti-drug education, advocacy models, and teaching tools, we can plant an anti-drug seed in the hearts of people and students everywhere. In order to ensure the proper use of teaching tools, we also focus on training frontline teaching staff in each pedagogic area. We hope frontline teaching staff can become guides and mentors for the children, so that the children will better understand the harm caused by drugs and avoid falling into the abyss of substance addiction.

Reducing Recidivism

Diversified encounters - Return to society

The health hazards of drug use and the resulting social security problems pose a serious test to the overall development of the country. Drug use in Taiwan is increasing year by year, and drug cases are causing overcrowding in prisons, at a considerable cost to judicial and correctional resources. The greatest challenge is how to properly re-integrate drug addicts back into their families and society and reduce recidivism rates.