CTBC Anti-Drug Educational Foundation

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“It is the happy smile of a child that keeps me moving after more than 10 years of public service; and the helpless eyes of a child that make me determined to promote anti-drug education without delay.”

Chairman Jeffrey Koo, Jr.Chairman Jeffrey Koo, Jr.

Chairman Jeffrey Koo, Jr.
Chairman Jeffrey Koo, Jr.

The real problem we see...

Drugs-The hidden problems behind the family

CTBC Holding has a long history of involvement in the community, from the “Light up a Life” fundraising campaign in 1985 to the establishment of the CTBC Charity Foundation in 2004. CTBC’s community involvement has had great impact along the way. When we visited rural areas, we saw many children wandering the streets after school as a result of economic survival needs that prevented their parents from staying with them. The cultural differences of intergenerational parenting and new immigrant mothers also makes life challenging for some children. As we discovered, upon further visitation, there is an even more sinister and recurring problem behind the scenes: Drugs!

Problems and challenges

Work with international professional resources to solve this problem

If we do not recognize and mitigate drug abuse and addiction and the associated role in destroying families, the problem will worsen and become more vicious. Anti-drug education is an endeavor that requires professional investment of manpower and resources. This led to the establishment of the CTBC Anti-Drug Educational Foundation in 2015: A dedicated unit that combines domestic and international professional resources to address this difficult and challenging issue.

Make Taiwan a drug-free home

Effectively promote various anti-drug education activities

The CTBC Anti-Drug Educational Foundation’s (ADF) work parallels the Taiwan government’s determination to fight drugs. In addition to drawing on the long-term anti-drug experience of the U.S. DEA Educational Foundation, the Taiwan Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Ministry of Education, and other civil welfare organizations, CTBC ADF also cooperates with academic institutions such as the National Taiwan University and the National Taiwan Normal University. As an example, we have jointly established a think-tank center designed to promote various anti-drug education activities and investigate diversified modes of mitigating drug problems such as: insuring all of society is made aware of the dangers of drugs, explaining why we should reject drugs, and helping drug addicts end their addiction paving the way for their return to society.